High Blood Pressure Medications Cause Vitamin Deficiency

Millions of Americans are prescribed high blood pressure medications to reduce their risk of heart disease. In theory this idea sounds great, however; the side effects of the medications can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies can actually cause heart disease. Bottom line, you end up reducing disease risk in one way and increasing […]

Gluten Free Diet and Nutritional Changes Defeat AS, Uveitis, and Asthma

I commonly get asked – “Does a gluten free diet help this (insert disease name) autoimmune disease?” The answer is typically yes.  Why?  It has been well established that gluten contributes and in many cases, causes these types of conditions.  We know that it creates leaky gut syndrome and gut bacterial changes that change the […]

The Benefits of Cholesterol on Health

The benefits of cholesterol often get left out when people visit their cardiologists.  This video breaks down why demonizing high cholesterol is a huge health mistake… Benefits of Cholesterol Carries vitamins through the blood stream into your tissues Allows the brain to form nerve synapses.  Lack of synapse formation leads to brain degradation, brain fog, […]

The Failure of Medicine

In this video, Dr. Peter Osborne discusses the failures of modern medicine, and the concept of medicalisation.  This was a presentation given in Sugar Land, Texas for the Gluten Free Society. The death of common sense… Victim mentality of health leads to a lack of one’s ability to actually get better.  Doctors often turn patients […]

Cholesterol Drugs Cause CoQ10 Deficiency

If you are taking statin medications like Zocor, Lipitor, or Crestor to lower your cholesterol, then it is imperative that you watch this video.  Take this information to your doctor right away and make sure that you speak with him about the toxic and dangerous side effects. Learn more about the high cholesterol myth and […]