Is Your Doctor Under the Influence of Drug Companies?

Drug companies indirectly pay your doctor to prescribeCBS reports that drug companies pay doctors 57 billion dollars per year to push, teach, and promote their drugs.  This number is more than pharmacy companies spend on advertising.  Additionally the report sheds light on the fact that drug company funded research leads to biased and misleading research…

It is no big mystery that pharmacy has it’s hand in influencing medical research outcomes as well as influencing what is taught in medical school.  The association is a huge conflict of interest, and a huge problem in medicine today.  That is why so many people are seeking out functional medicine doctors.

Only with the use of meaningful treatments and patient education can we as a country overcome the health care crisis.  Insurance companies continue to pay for services that do not change patient outcomes or disease.  Yet, they ignore other types of treatment (nutritional included) that have a long term benefit to patients and reduce the overall health care costs directly and indirectly.

Kudos to CBS for reporting on this very important issue.

In good health,

Dr. Osborne

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