The Gluten Free Diet Needs a Definition Overhaul

The Term Gluten is Evolving as More & More Research is Done

I was recently invited to speak about gluten and food allergies on Fox News.  In the interview, I discuss some of the newer research pertaining to gluten sensitivity.  Additionally, I discuss how many legumes (soy, peanuts, etc) can create the same type of damage as gluten.  I also referred to a new research study has identified 2  forms of corn gluten that trigger an immune response in patients with gluten sensitivity.  You can watch the video below:

About the new study on corn maize (gluten)

Two forms of corn gluten were found to stimulate an immune reaction is patients with gluten intolerance.  In a published report, the scientists stated:

some maize prolamins (zeins) contain amino acid sequences that resemble the wheat gluten immunodominant peptides…Results concur to indicate that relative abundance of these zeins, along with factors affecting their resistance to proteolysis, may be of paramount clinical relevance, and the use of maize in the formulation and preparation of gluten-free foods must be reevaluated in some cases of celiac disease.

This is not the first research study that has identified corn glutens as detrimental.  It is just the most recent.

Gluten Free Food Industry Needs To Make Changes

Gluten free substitute products are full of corn and corn byproducts.  For a comprehensive list of corn based ingredients go here <<< Aside from containing a detrimental form of gluten, corn is not a healthy staple food.  As a matter of fact, the U.S. government banned the sale of processed corn products in 1943 because they induce B-vitamin deficiency disease.  Today, this grain must be fortified with synthetic B-vitamins before being sold.  Does that sound healthy to you?


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