Allergy Relief

Who Else Wants a Natural Way to Fight Allergy Symptoms Without the Toxic Burden That OTC Allergy Medications Have?

These natural options don’t contain the dyes, sugar, corn, starches, and other toxic fillers that traditional prescription and over the counter allergy medicine contain.

Outdoor allergies can be extremely frustrating.  Unlike food allergies, you can’t control what is in the air.  Environmental allergies to molds, dust, pollen, grasses, and other chemicals are very common.  When allergy counts are high, it can sometimes be impossible to prevent the disabling symptoms associated with them.

  • Watery, teary, itchy eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Excessive mucus production
  • Coughing
  • Chronic sinus infections…

These problems are often times responsible for chronic and debilitating immune dysfunction.  Many develop fatigue on top of the above symptoms and become completely incapacitated when allergy counts are high.

4 Simple & Natural Tips to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

  1. Make sure you check daily mold, pollen, and grass counts. This is done easily online. If counts are high, try to avoid any outdoor activities.
  2. Consider air filtration using a HEPA graded device coupled with UV light. This type of air filter will remove many of the common allergens from the air in your home.  It will also help to destroy mold spores that commonly circulate in our indoor air.  Remember that a standard air filter won’t cut it.
  3. Consider adjusting your diet during the allergy season. Remember that foods can contain chemical histamines that make allergy symptoms worse.  Avoiding the following foods will help reduce your burden:  Alcohol, pickled foods, wheat, wanuts, vinegar, cashews, beans, smoked meats, citrus, tomatoes, and any processed foods with preservative nitrates or sulfites.
  4. Use the following Natural products to build your immunity and stabilize histamine release:


AllerEase allergy relief support formulaThis all natural product contains key ingredients that help support respiratory and immune function.

Vitamin C – is a natural anti-histamine and supports stabilization of the membrane around immune cells.

Quercitin – Like vitamin C, quercitin supports mast cell (immune cell) stability.  In addition, it is a powerful flavonoid with anti-oxidant functions. Quercetin has been shown to promote both sinus and respiratory health.

Stinging Nettle –   A number of research studies have shown stinging nettles ability to support healthy nasal passageway function.

Bromelain – helps support normal mucosal tissue function and aids in the superior absorption of quercetin.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) This sulfur containing amino acid is a key ingredient used by the liver to form the potent antioxidant, glutathione.  NAC helps to promote the normal viscosity (thickness) of mucus.  As many allergy symptoms are brought on by an increased mucus viscosity.

The dosing to use for this product is 2 capsules every 3-4 hours as needed for the symptomatic support of seasonal allergies.  >>> Click here  <<< or on the button below to order.

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Ultra Sinus Support

This product is designed to use with AllerEase for extra support.  It helps support healthy sinus function along with a healthy allergy response.

Ultra Sinus Support Natural sinus formula


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