Electronic Cigarettes

No More Tar!
While cigarettes emit about 4,000 identifiable chemicals as they are smoked and 69 are known to cause cancer, e-cigarettes contain less than 10 to 20 chemicals on average, depending on the brand or strength purchased.  No more tar blackening your lungs.
No More Ashes!
Since e-cigarettes do not burn anything, there are no ashes and no mess associated with them.  Have you ever dropped cigarette ashes on your carpet or on your clothing?  Have you ever fallen asleep with  one in your hand and burnt yourself or your favorite chair?  No more of this with e-cigarettes.  They do not burn and you can set them down anywhere you like.
No More Pressure!
Lighting a cigarette is almost like signing a contract: you have to finish the whole thing.  With e-cigarettes, there is no pressure to do anything!  A normal cigarette you cannot set down just anywhere, you need an ash tray or somewhere to put it out.  They do not have to be held constantly and you do not have to feel guilty about not finishing it. You won’t ever have to say “let me finish this cigarette” ever again.  Pick it up and put it down at will.

Pick Your Poison Carefully!

electronic-cigarettes look and feel similar to regular cigarettes without the smell and chemical exposure Vs.   Cigarette smoke emmits foul odors and more than 4,000 toxic chemicals

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No More Tar!

Regular cigarettes emit 4,000 identifiable chemicals many of which are known to cause cancer.

No More Smoke!

Electronic cigarettes do not burn therefore have no harmful smoke and chemical inhalation associated with regular smoking

No More Ashes No More Smells!

Electronic cigarettes do not burn therefore produce no ashes or offensive odors associated with regular cigarettes.

There are many products available to help with smoking cessation – gums, patches, prescription pills, etc.  Some of these products work for some, but none of them work for everyone.   The FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation, so don’t wait for your doctor to start prescribing these to you.  They are currently being recommended as a substitute for smoking, not a smoking cessation aid.  However; I have had several patients report to me that they were able to quit smoking with this product.  At the very least you can avoid the thousands of chemicals in real cigarettes, reduce offensive odors, and save a lot of money because electronic cigarettes are not taxed when you buy online and are much cheaper than the real thing.

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The cigarette is designed to look and feel like a real cigarette.  When the smoker takes a puff, the cigarette releases vaporized nicotine.  The picture below shows the inner anatomy of an E-cigarette:

Electronic Cigarette Anatomy

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What about the FDA Warnings about Electronic Cigarettes?

Just read the investigative story below:

Prominent Public Health Physicians and Tobacco Researchers Expose Double Standard in the FDA’s Recent Study of Electronic Cigarettes and Challenge the FDA’s Alarmist Attitude Toward the Devices

Contact: Thomas R. Kiklas, Director of Media, inLife LLC, 949-250-9600 ext 108, tkiklas@myinlife.com

BOSTON, July 27 /Standard Newswire/ — The FDA recently went public with misleading information about the safety of electronic cigarettes and the marketing of the devices, not only using its clout but recruiting other prominent organizations to demonize a product that has great public health benefit potential.

A group of prominent doctors and tobacco researchers, including Dr. Michael Siegel at the Boston University School of Public Health, Dr. Joel Nitzkin of the AAPHP Tobacco Control Task Force, and Dr. Brad Rodu, Endowed Chair, Tobacco Harm Reduction Research University of Louisville, challenge the FDA to provide the full quantitative data of the study upon which the FDA has based its warning against electronic cigarettes. They are concerned that the FDA’s disingenuous targeting of electronic cigarettes through a biased presentation of the scientific data has had significant negative impact upon the public perception of electronic cigarettes, when the best available evidence suggests that these have shown that the devices offer great potential to reduce serious health issues among traditional tobacco smokers.

In a July 22 news release, the FDA cited the detectable presence of carcinogens and “toxic chemicals” in a “small sample” of electronic cigarette cartridges as reason for alarm, singling out nitrosamines as particularly toxic. What the FDA fails to inform the public is that detectable amounts of carcinogens are also present in nicotine replacement products such as NicoDerm CQ and Nicorette gum, both approved by the FDA, and nitrosamines that can be also found in food items such bacon and beer. This double standard and alarmist attitude has had the significant and unfortunate effect of inducing hysteria among the public, discouraging tobacco smokers from using a product which is thought to be a significantly safer alternative to traditional tobacco.

Regrettably, the FDA has used biased reporting of this small and inconclusive study, the complete results of which have not been made public, to secure the vocal support of groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium, the Institute for Global Health, and the American Lung Association in their attack on electronic cigarettes. These researchers argue that it is absurd to consider taking electronic cigarettes off the market when it is the conventional ones which have been shown to be killing people. Further, the electronic cigarette community calls for accurate and fair reporting relative to the findings and statements of prominent medical professionals in favor of this new and important technology and challenges the media to tell the other side of the story.

“The FDA’s laboratory findings actually indicate that electronic cigarettes are much, much safer than conventional cigarettes,” says Dr. Michael Siegel. “The traces of carcinogens present are also present in nicotine replacement products. The FDA and the anti-smoking groups have fallen into a huge analytical trap as they have failed to ask the appropriate question. The question they are asking is: ‘Are electronic cigarettes safe?’ That is not the right question. The right question is: ‘Are electronic cigarettes much safer than traditional ones?'”

Dr. Rodu states, “The FDA tested e-cigarettes for TSNAs using a questionable sampling regimen, and the methods that were so sensitive that the results may have no possible significance to users. The agency failed to report specific levels of these contaminants, and it has failed to conduct similar testing of nicotine medicines that have been sold in the U.S. for over 20 years. These are not the actions of an agency that is science-based and consumer-focused. These pseudo-scientific actions are clearly intended to form the justification for banning a category of products that are probably 99.9% safer than cigarettes.”

Dr. Joel Nitzkin speaking as individual states, “The newly adopted FDA/Tobacco legislation will give full FDA approval to currently marketed conventional cigarettes. The new law encourages cigarette companies to produce new “reduced exposure” cigarettes to be marketed as reduced exposure products, with no scientific evidence that such reductions in exposure will reduce risk of future tobacco related illness and death. In the context of these provisions of the newly adopted FDA/Tobacco bill — FDA should be encouraging, not maligning the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes, and working with manufacturers to assure the highest possible quality control.”

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