Who Uses Chiropractic Care?

Jerry Seinfeld –

Tiger Woods –

The Jonas Brothers – Jonas Bros ChiropracticThe Jonas Brothers value chiropractic care so much that they fly their chiropractor in to see them. (See the full story)

Arnold Schwarzenegger –Arnold and chiropractic care“Chiropractic is about health and fitness and there is such a strong relationship between the two.  This is why I’m so excited to have the chiropractors here from all over the world each year, because you represent exactly the same thing…”

Emmitt Smith –

Emmitt Smith ChiropracticWhen asked about how he was successful for so long he replied “find a good chiropractor.”

Lance Armstrong –

Lance Armstrong on ChiropracticLance contributes a big part of his success to chiropractic care.

Jerry Rice –

Jerry Rice ChiropracticJerry Rice claims that chiropractic care is what helped him achieve a long and successful career.

The U.S. Military –

US Army and chiropractic careU.S. Army Brigadier General Becky Halstead is a big advocate, as chiropractic treatment and nutritional advice helped her deal with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.  Chiropractic is a mandatory part of the military health care system.

US Olympic Team –

US Olympic Team and chiropracticChiropractors are a part of the US Olympic health care team.  Athletes value the benefits of keeping their bodies in great condition with chiropractic care.

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