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Emergency Alert: FDA Attempting to Ban Natural Supplements

Monday, September 19th, 2011

If you take supplements as part of your approach to maintain good health or as part of your approach to naturally treat different health conditions, you should be warned that the FDA is getting ready to try and intervene with your ability to do so.

It appears that the FDA is using the banner of “consumer protection” to prevent you from buying already proven and time tested vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements.  A similar approach was taken when ephedra was banned by the FDA.  This attack on your right to natural agents stands to greatly benefit the pharmaceutical industry.  It would serve to turn commonly used supplements into prescription medications.

Why is This Dangerous for Your Health?

The vast majority of physicians in the U.S. have no nutritional back ground, making them unqualified to be the leaders on this issue.  How many times have you heard your doctor talk down to you when you brought up supplements at a visit?  Point being, do you really want to have to rely on your primary care doctor to have access to omega 3 supplements?

Many medications (both prescription and over the counter) cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  For example, your doctor commonly prescribes cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) and blood pressure lowering drugs.  The chemicals interfere with your body’s ability to produce the vital nutrient coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).  CoQ10 deficiency causes elevations in blood pressure, muscle weakness, muscle pain, liver damage, and congestive heart failure.  If the FDA is successful in taking away your ability to buy supplements, you would not be able to proactively address these issues.  Think about it…can you recall the last time your doctor actually made a recommendation about a supplement to counter balance the negative nutritional side effects?

Learn more about this problem by clicking the link below…

      Drug Induced Nutritional Deficiencies

What can you do?

Contact your local representative now.  I have provided a link below for you.  Let them know that you are concerned about this attack on your personal freedom to maintain your health without government intervention.