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Gardasil Dangers & Side Effects

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

If you think that Gardasil is Safe, think again. Below are several news stories about those effected by this controversial vaccine. After watching, ask yourself if it is worth the risk!

CBS Reports: Safety of Gardasil Strongly Questioned. Side effects continue to mount…massive warts, brain disease to seizure disorders…

CNN Reports: Gardasil Causing Autoimmune Disease… To Date more than 9,000 serious side effects reported…

Dr. Peter Osborne, Diplomate with the American Clinical Board of NutritionDr. Osborne’s Comment

Gardasil has been touted as a miracle vaccination for the prevention of cervical cancer.  However; no long term studies on the vaccination have been adequately done on the efficacy of the vaccination or on the safety of recommending it.

The powerful ad campaign “one less victim of cervical cancer” is fastly becoming one more victim of the vaccination.  Almost 50 deaths have been reported as being caused by this vaccination to date with more than 15,000 adverse events.  It is suspected that this is a gross underestimation because many do not report adverse events to VAERS (the government group responsible for keeping statistics).

The vaccine comes in three doses.  The cost is about $500.  The sales for Gardasil topped 2 billion in 2008.  Merck has recently pushed through and received  FDA approval for using the vaccination on boys.  Keep in mind that even Merck states that you can still get cervical cancer after being vaccinated.  As a matter of fact, the efficacy (effectiveness) for the vaccine is about 5%.  Than means that only 5%  of those receiving the vaccine will have an improved risk reduction for developing cancer.  So the big question is, why spend $500 dollars on all boys and girls in the country between the ages of 9-16 to reduce the risk in only 5% of them.  Now add the fact that the vaccine can have serious adverse reactions.  As a parent it is your job to weigh the risks vs. the benefits for your child.  I have talked to a number of doctors in private who tell me they will not have their own children vaccinated.

If you have had the vaccine, Be Aware of the side effects:

  • seizures
  • neuropathy (numbness and tingling)
  • shortness of breath
  • rashes
  • muscle aches and pain
  • extreme fatigue

In summary:

  1. Long term safety of the vaccine is not studied.
  2. Safety of the vaccine is not proven.
  3. Efficacy of the drug is not proven.
  4. Side effects are understated and underestimated.
  5. Having boys take the vaccine on top of an already top loaded vaccine schedule is dangerous based on the above facts.

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