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The Failure of Medicine

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

In this video, Dr. Peter Osborne discusses the failures of modern medicine, and the concept of medicalisation.  This was a presentation given in Sugar Land, Texas for the Gluten Free Society.

The death of common sense…

Victim mentality of health leads to a lack of one’s ability to actually get better.  Doctors often turn patients into victims and life long consumers of prescription medications that don’t treat the cause of the disease.  If you are seeking to treat the origin of your problem, find a functional medicine doctor (Chiropractor, M.D., N.D, D.O, etc) who can help identify why you are sick and guide you back the health and wellness.

You can contact Dr. Osborne’s office at 281-240-2229.  He regularly treats patients from across the world.  His office is in Texas in the Greater Houston area.