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High Blood Pressure Medications Cause Vitamin Deficiency

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Millions of Americans are prescribed high blood pressure medications to reduce their risk of heart disease. In theory this idea sounds great, however; the side effects of the medications can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies can actually cause heart disease. Bottom line, you end up reducing disease risk in one way and increasing disease risk in several others. This is what I commonly refer to as “Chasing your tail syndrome”…

Do you have high blood pressure?

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension and your doctor wants to prescribe medication to control it, consider the following factors:

  • Exercise works better than any medication.  (it has to be the right kind of exercise)
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are often times the cause of high blood pressure in the first place.
  • Food allergies can cause and or contribute to high blood pressure.
  • Diets high in processed foods can cause high blood pressure
  • Diets rich in potassium and magnesium (fruits and veggies) have been shown to dramatically reduce it.

Wishing you excellent health,

Dr. Osborne

Dr. Osborne is an expert in functional medicine and chiropractic  care.  He is Board Certified in Nutritional Medicine.  You can contact  his office at 281-240-2229.  He regularly  treats patients from across  the world.  His office is in Sugar Land, Texas in the  Greater Houston  area.