Neck Pain? Try the Smelly Armpit Stretch

Taking NSAIDS for Neck Pain?

You should know that aspirin alone is responsible for about 12,000 deaths per year.  When combined with other pain relief medications, the risk for adverse side effects increases.  Many of these pain medications inhibit vitamin and mineral function.  For example, ibuprofen blocks folic acid, vitamin C, and iron.  A deficiency in these nutrients can actually contribute to muscle spasm and pain.

Modern Lifestyle = Neck and Back Pain

Did you know that the top two reasons people visit their doctors are neck and back pain?

Our modern, technologically based lifestyles are a big reason why.  Lack of exercise combined with constant sitting are a combination for musculoskeletal problems.

Computer work and commutes in cars are major contributors to tight neck muscles and postural imbalances.  If you are having trouble with chronic neck pain and stiffness, try performing this stretch on a regular basis.  For every 30 minutes at a computer desk or driving in your car, perform this stretch…

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Video tutorials on stretching and exercising to reduce chronic muscle tightness, pain, and to improve your range of motion.  Remember the adage – use it or lose it? Performing these activities on a daily basis will keep your body in better physical condition and allow you to stay physically functional late into your life.

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