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Reduce Neck Pain While Improving Shoulder Strength

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Neck pain and frozen shoulder problems are extremely common.  Chronic sitting while driving, working at a computer, sitting at a desk, etc.  all couple to reduce overall neck and shoulder range of motion.  This in turn leads to muscle spasms and acute pain.  Over the years these lifestyle factors can add up – leading to severe arthritis, herniated disc problems, rotator cuff issues, frozen shoulder syndrome, and much more.

Instead of Masking the Pain with Medicine –

Doctors commonly prescribe pain medications to treat these issues.  Unfortunately, these drugs do not resolve the cause of the pain, they only mask the symptoms.  Additionally, many of these drugs induce vitamin and mineral deficiencies leading to joint arthritis.  Before medicine, eliminate foods that cause inflammation in the joints and muscles and eat healthy anti-inflammatory foods.

Before Having Surgery –

Surgery is often times recommended as the solution for these conditions.  It is important to know that before considering surgery for a neck or shoulder problem, always try a treatment regimen of chiropractic and physical therapy first.  Surgery should be considered as a last resort only if more conservative measures fail.  The following exercise can help you maintain good muscular strength and motion in your neck and shoulders naturally without pain medications…

You can also try the following stretches and exercises to help reduce your neck tension, muscle spasm, and shoulder tightness…